Month: June 2006

Where does User-Centric Identity fit into the Enterprise?

One area that I have been paying a lot of attention to recently is the scaldingly hot area of user-centric identity. No other area in identity management is generating as much interest in the community. While this is extremely gratifying (because the ultimate goal is to make our lives better and more secure, and who

Catalyst is the place to be if you care about Identity

Burton Group’s Catalyst Conference is one of the biggest technology events in North America, and is being held in San Francisco this week. If you care about Identity, it is one of the premier conferences to attend, because the conference usually fosters some really in-depth discussions into topics that are at the forefront of the

Phil Becker identifies the top 5 Identity Fallacies

Phil Becker has written an interesting series of articles about the top 5 fallacies which appear and reappear in identity discussions, technologies and deployments. It makes for pretty interesting reading, so check it out at the Digital ID World Blogs. I wanted to comment on fallacy #3: Centralized Management Means Centralized Data. In his article,

Defining Role Management – Part 2

In part 1 of this multi-post blog, I laid out what I believe are the various disciplines that make up a complete role management solution. In this post, I will tackle the more contentious discipline – that of role definition. Fundamentally, two camps have evolved around different approaches to the problem of defining roles. There

Reading the Information Security Breaches Survey

PwC recently published the “Information Security Breaches Survey 2006” report, sponsored by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in the UK. The 8th such survey is aimed at raising awareness among UK businesses of the risks they face in the internet age. Below are some highlights from my quick read through it, and some