Month: July 2006

Defining Role Management – Part 3

I received a very interesting observation from Mark MacAuley ( in response to my last post about role management. Another thought here – how does an organization engineer out laziness? In a former position I was doing implementations of (unnamed) product and inevitably when the topic of roles came up I saw just about everything

Before we can have user-centric identity in the enterprise…

…we need to understand what user-centric identity is. That is the current state of discussion in the identity community. Many people are debating what user-centric identity is. Is it an architecture, is it a design philosophy, or is it a set of business agreements governing user interactions in certain systems? During the course of the

Emerging from the depths

It has been quite a while since my last post. The period coming out of Catalyst is always busy, as it tends to generate a lot of good discussion that starts influencing the work we are doing. I have been neck deep in discussions over the future of our product offerings, so this has been