Month: October 2006

A new identity for my blog

Those interested may have noticed that last week I rebranded my blog to its new name – Talking Identity. Thanks to all those that gave me suggestions (even the ones given sarcastically). Hopefully this resolves any conflicts that arose with the previous name I had chosen. The name reflects what I hope to do through

Postcards from OpenWorld – II

Thursday, I had a session on Application-Centric Identity Management, describing how it will change the way applications are built. Despite the early hour of the session, a few brave souls did show up, which was quite gratifying. While the session flew by, I did have some interesting conversations with a few of the attendees. In

Postcards from OpenWorld – I

The last few days, I have been experiencing the spectacle that is OpenWorld. And what a spectacle it is. Howard street is blocked off, covered by a huge tent. Everything, even buses, are painted Oracle colors, and every signal change at the intersection lets loose a sea of people rushing around trying to get to

Get ready for Oracle OpenWorld

Next week (actually, starting Saturday) is Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle’s annual conference dedicated to helping enterprises understand and harness the power of information. From what I hear, it is going to be huge, and San Francisco is already starting to look Oracle red, with banners and signage everywhere. I have never been to an OpenWorld conference

Ask Dr. K: Directory Synchronization Vs. Provisioning

Inspired by the Daimler-Chrysler series of ads around the enigmatic Dr. Z, I am starting a new series in my blog called “Ask Dr. K” (you’ll find a link to that section on the right under Site Navigation). This is also a play on the fact that some of my colleagues mockingly refer to me

Getting caught up on things…

I’m back after a short (much needed) hiatus, and so there are a few things I wanted to catch everyone up on. In my last post, I told you of a webinar that I was going to participate in on the topic of application-centric IdM. Well, it happened, and was a pretty well received webinar.