Month: December 2006

The Gartner Summit was a Good Primer on IAM

I usually don’t expect too many replies to postcards (real world or blog) that I write, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the discussion my post about the Gartner summit generated. The lively discussions regarding the part roles play in compliance were definitely expected. What I was not expecting were the few emails I

How good are our passwords?

Wired News (which I read assiduously) had a pretty interesting article in their “Security Matters” section recently that talked about an analysis done of MySpace account passwords (“MySpace Passwords Aren’t So Dumb“). It makes for a pretty interesting read, so check it out. While you are at it, check out whether you have a password

Postcard from the Gartner IAM Summit

2 weeks ago I attended Gartner’s first IAM summit. Entering an arena long dominated by Burton and RSA, they nonetheless seemed to have a respectable turnout, even if it was mostly people like me curious to find out what their treatment of the space was going to be. The fact that it was in Vegas

Moving Towards the ISF: Announcing the Identity Governance Framework

This week, Oracle took a long awaited first step towards the realization of the Identity Services Framework that I have been talking about. At the Gartner IAM Summit this week, Oracle announced an open initiative, the Identity Governance Framework (IGF), to address governance of identity related information across enterprise IT systems. The IGF will enable