Month: March 2007

Oracle IdM CAB: Identity is Everywhere

I’m back from a trip to Oracle HQ, where I was attending our 2nd annual Identity Management Customer Advisory Board conference. The 3-day event is the zenith of a continuous process that combines quarterly meetings with 1-on-1 discussions to provide all involved a valuable platform to gather, discuss and align our vision of all things

Help debug my blog :)

By the way, it seems that there are some issues with features and controls on my blog. Thanks to a number of emails from readers, I realized a while ago that my post archive has not been working. Also, seems that the comments people posted to my blog are not being handled correctly. I put

Follow up on RSA Conf. Notes: IBM TIM does support pattern recognition

About a month ago now I did a post about account reconciliation capabilities that I believed were necessary to make reconciliation practical. My post was triggered by a session I attended by IBM’s Stuart McIrvine, during which he answered a question about ways to correlate identities by saying it should be done based on common

Will Role Management become the focus of Compliance?

A few months ago, I wrote a post in which I took issue with the statement that “Role Management will become the focus of Compliance”. My objection kicked off a flurry of responses from various folks, expressing opinions that covered the gamut. I received a lot of responses disagreeing with me, with quite a few