Month: June 2007

Catalyst Conf. Notes: Burton takes “Control”

After a day and a half, I can safely say that Catalyst is living up to its reputation of being on the cutting edge of identity trends and issues. After a typically boisterous start to the conference on Wednesday, where Mike Neuenschwander set the tone by introducing a superhero called “Captain Controls“, the conference settled

Project Concordia Has Its Work Cut Out For It

I attended the Project Concordia workshop yesterday, ahead of the Catalyst conference. I mentioned the project in a blog post last week; it has the worthy goal of trying to initiate efforts that make sense of the competing standards and methodologies that exist in the identity world. I found myself enjoying the kind of lively

The Simple Things Seldom Are

It’s amazing how often we (and by “we” I mean those of us who deal with the high flying world of identity management) get brought back to earth by the reality of everyday life. Usually, this happens when someone asks such a simple and obvious question that we wonder how we overlooked it in the

Can Project Concordia guide us out of the morass?

On Lost, one of my favorite shows on TV, the lead character is fond of saying “Live Together, Die Alone“. So much so that on one of the more recent episodes, one of the other characters told him “If you say that one more time, I’m gonna kill you” (I may be paraphrasing a bit).

Are you a Catalyst?

That catchy slogan can only mean one thing – it’s time for the annual Catalyst Conference (US edition), hosted by the Burton Group. Running from June 25-29 in San Francisco, the event will once again aim to stir things up by bringing together people in a forum where debates will rage and ideas will fly.

Update: Generic Technology Connector Links

Jason Sears posted a comment regarding the lack of information about the Generic Technology Connector I discussed in a previous post. Since this is a fairly new feature of the product, the public information available is somewhat limited. Below are the links I have found that can provide you some information. Oracle Identity Manager 10gR3

The first Internet Identity Provider for Social Networks?

I received this newswire story about a new company called safeTspace that claims to provide the kind of identity and age verification service that I blogged about a few weeks ago. Aimed at social-networking sites like MySpace, it combines an in-person registration process with biometric authentication to offer an unprecedented level of security for users.

Understanding OIM’s Generic Technology Connector

Anyone that has implemented any kind of provisioning solution knows that the most difficult part of deploying a solution is creating the connectors –  those components that allow the provisioning system to integrate with the managed target systems. Oracle sells a number of application-specific connectors for OIM that are designed for target systems such as

Microsoft making moves to make internet identity a reality

I’m back at work after some much needed R&R, and as always it seems like I missed quite a bit while I was gone. The timing of my vacation meant that I missed last months IIW conference, where one of the main events was to be an identity card interoperability test involving Microsoft, Novell and