Month: September 2007

Digital ID World kicks off with the cry: Free Identity!

You know you are at a good conference any time your keynote address throws up a picture of Neo (from The Matrix) on the screen. That’s exactly what Doc Searls did during a typically humorous and thought-provoking keynote roughly titled “The Decentralization of Identity” (actually re-titled in real time based on Phil Becker’s opening keynote)

Oracle in Gartner’s Leaders Quadrant for User Provisioning

A lot of people wait with bated breath for Gartner’s Magic Quadrant reports on various technologies to come out. And in a relatively new and evolving space like user provisioning, the report carries even more weight in influencing the consumer base. Gartner just published their report on User Provisioning, and for the second year in

Redefining the enterprise security perimeter

Yesterday I got to speak at an interesting conference hosted by the Jericho Forum. I talked about them in a post last week, but after spending some time with executives of the group and listening to them speak at the conference, I have a better understanding of their goals. They are noble goals, and like

Oracle acquires Bridgestream

So the worst kept secret in IAM history is officially out. Oracle yesterday issued a long-awaited press release announcing the acquisition of Bridgestream in the Role Management space. Of course, if you have been anywhere near an internet-connected computer, you’d have seen everybody and their mother blog about this. And some of the buzz has

Identity as a Service picking up steam

Seems like the IDaaS concept (as Forrester has named it) is starting to gain some traction in the identity related discussions out there. First there was the Forrester blog post that I mentioned a few weeks ago. Now, Dave Kearns has talked about the roadmap to identity services in this weeks NetworkWorld Security newsletter. In