Month: December 2007

User-Centricity is a Philosophy, not a Solution

It has been a while since I posted, but not because there isn’t anything to talk about. In fact, there may be too much to talk about, especially since all the discussion about user-centricity in the enterprise generated so much food for thought. No, I have been deeply engaged in discussions on the future of

User-Centricity is NOT about User Self-Service

My previous post on User-Centricity in the Enterprise generated some interesting responses in the blogosphere (see here). One thing that surprised me was the discourse equating (or focusing) user-centricity with user self-service. The message seemed to be that user-centricity is absolutely needed in the enterprise because we need to provide users in the enterprise self-service

User-Centricity in the Enterprise

Recently, a few things have reminded me that we still don’t have a clear understanding of how the concept of user-centric identity will fit into the enterprise environments we are so familiar with. But the question keeps coming up, in different forms. Pamela Dingle recently commented on her blog about Patrick Harding’s observations on this