Month: June 2008

Follow me at Catalyst

I’ll be at the Catalyst conference next week, looking to share and learn. I expect Catalyst to be the usual source of inspiration, news and ideas. And I look forward to meeting up with fellow identirati like Ian, Mark and of course, the good folks from Burton. Unfortunately, a quirk of timing means that a

Must-Have Characteristics of an Identity Services Layer

Mark Dixon has just written a post about the critical characteristics an Identity Services layer must have to become part of Enterprise architecture. These characteristics are born from the idea that identity services will become to enterprise applications what dialtone was to the (extremely successful) telephone service – the very backbone on which it all

Where Social Networking meets Enterprise Applications

You may have heard the term Enterprise 2.0 thrown around a lot recently. The term (allegedly) refers to the idea of bringing all the concepts (and associated hype) seen in the booming social networking arena to bear on how Enterprises go about their business. As seen on Wikipedia: Enterprise social software, also known as Enterprise

Concordia tackles Entitlements and Policy Management

Burton Group’s Catalyst Conference is coming up at the end of the month, which means that the work going on in the identity management world kicked up a few notches last month. One of the things that is becoming a fixture at Catalyst is a meeting of the folks involved in Project Concordia. Anyone who