Month: September 2008

Talking Identity Services at OpenWorld

I was hoping to find some time to dig a little deeper into some of the themes, conversations and ideas that were floating around the halls at DIDW last week. Unfortunately, time was not a luxury I had this week. I am writing this aboard a flight to San Francisco, as I head there to

Conversations were center at DIDW

My Digital ID World was all about conversations. Much more useful to me than the sessions was the opportunity to brainstorm with some very smart, very committed (some insanely so) people in the identity community. The sessions were good, and some managed to inspire some original thought. But the hallway conversations (so to speak) were

My DIDW just got a lot more interesting

This week I was invited to join Brenda Hughes from Cisco on next weeks DIDW panel discussing “Lessons learned from Successful Compliance Deployments“. My hope is to share some of the insight I obtained from watching (at uncomfortably close quarters, from a vendor perspective) a number of our customers go through the process of deploying

Does ‘User-Centric’ also mean ‘User-Burdened’?

Dave Kearns recently took on the topic of how user-centric and enterprise-centric identity could possibly co-exist in his articles for the Network World Identity Management Newsletter. In his first post, he discussed what the difference between the two is –  the need in the Enterprise scenario to have all identity-related transactions tied together from an