Month: March 2010

It’s gonna be a jam-packed May for Identity

This is probably an anomaly, but May is shaping up to be a pretty jam-packed month for me in the identity-related conference circuit, with some great events going on where I will be speaking/hoping to speak. My participation is still subject to some approvals coming through, but I’m fairly confident on that front. So there

A Twittorial on Trust Frameworks

(Updated to reflect provisional status of OIX approval per this – thanks to Brett for telling me) I just got back home from the RSA Conference in San Francisco this week, where the topic of Trust was second only to all things Cloud. While sessions on Identity Management were few and far between, there was

Microsoft releases U-Prove under OSP

Back in 2008, Microsoft acquired some innovative technology called U-Prove that promised to solve an age old privacy question: How can I disclose the minimal information that I need to for the purpose of an online transaction, without having to also disclose additional (sensitive) information to establish trust in that first set of data. U-Prove