Get ready for Oracle OpenWorld

Next week (actually, starting Saturday) is Oracle OpenWorld, Oracle’s annual conference dedicated to helping enterprises understand and harness the power of information. From what I hear, it is going to be huge, and San Francisco is already starting to look Oracle red, with banners and signage everywhere. I have never been to an OpenWorld conference before, so I am really looking forward to the experience.

This year, there will be a decent number of sessions on Identity Management during the conference, where different areas of IAM will be explored. It reflects how important IdM has become to Oracle’s middleware business, and the sessions should be very interesting. Of course, all the products will be on display at the demo booths, and executives will be available to discuss why oracle consulting services are the best (of course). And I am especially looking forward to the keynote by Thomas Kurian.

Warning: Blatant self promotion follows.

Yours truly will be talking at two sessions. The first one will be an open talk about role management and provisioning (Session S281675: Role Management and Provisioning: Creating Economies of Scale in Identity Management). The second one will be more of a visionary dialogue centered on (what else) application-centric IdM, and identity-enabling business applications (Session S281669: The Oracle Identity Services Container: Identity-Enabled Applications Made Easy). While the title may be a little misleading, it essentially picks up where the webinar left off a few weeks ago, providing more detail about how Oracle’s unique approach to IdM will transform the way applications are developed and deployed. Since this vision is being developed in conjunction with our customers and partners, the goal of the session is to share findings so far, and continue the discussion that has been driving our work in the area. If you feel up to it (the session is at 9:30 in the morning, not by my choosing), attend the session and share your thoughts.

For more information, go to Hope to see you there.