#FAIL No More: The Rise of the Self Defending Enterprise

I love hashtags, because I love twitter. So it was inevitable that hashtags would become a major part of one of my talks at some point. And as I get ready for another round at Defrag (one of the highlights of my year every year), I realized I never posted about the talk I gave at the 2015 Cloud Identity Summit in La Jolla. Work, you are killing me!

I really enjoyed putting this talk together, because it pulled together a lot of the concepts I have been developing over the last few years, and which really started to gel together at last years Defrag conference. And also because it was fun to try and one-up the inside joke from last years CIS. That proved to be too successful unfortunately, because it was all anyone was talking about. So as you watch the talk below (thanks to the CIS folks for posting such excellent quality video), I hope that after the end joke wipes out all memory of what I presented from your mind, you decide to go back and really hear what I was trying to convey. Because we are reaching a tipping point in security, and things are about to get very interesting indeed.

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