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The Hitchhikers Guide to Identity

Sounded simple enough. Join forces with Pam and Dale to put on a 3 hour workshop at the Cloud Identity Summit exploring all things identity management, each of us having a whole hour in which to dazzle the crowd. And with an awesome theme like the Hitchhikers Guide to help us keep it entertaining. This was bound to

A Brief Q&A on Identity

The intrepid Emanuela Giannetta (Marketing Manager for Oracle InfoSec in EMEA, and the voice behind @OracleSecurity) just did a brief Q&A session with me about my recent experience at Gartner IAM Summit in London and Oracle’s entitlement-centric approach to identity management. I had promised to give her some time during my London trip, but the

Webinar – Identity Services and the Cloud

I’m doing a webinar with KuppingerCole on the topic of “Identity Services and the Cloud: What Every Enterprise Needs To Know” today at 11 am EST. Cloud security is widely viewed as the number one roadblock for enterprise adoption. At the same time, many are jumping into cloud computing without fully understanding what they are

Entitlement Management: More than meets the eye

Ian Yip just blogged his thoughts about what Entitlement Management means. It’s interesting to hear his take, because not too long ago, I participated in another discussion that was trying to define EM. Back then, the contention was that entitlement management and RBAC were essentially solutions to the same problem, setting off a “which one

Please Update to My New RSS Feed

If you subscribe to my blog using RSS, please update your feed reader with my new feed URL. I have been using Feedburner to source my feeds for a month or so now. Besides improving the feed quality a bit, it also insulates you from some changes I may be making to my blog in

Announcing Oracle Identity Manager 9.1

The latest release of Oracle Identity Manager, Oracle’s best-in-class user provisioning and administration solution, has finally hit the shelves (so to speak). Release 9.1 has been eagerly anticipated for a while now, and brings with it a host of new features and usability improvements. Below are some of the highlights of the release (You can

Update: Generic Technology Connector Links

Jason Sears posted a comment regarding the lack of information about the Generic Technology Connector I discussed in a previous post. Since this is a fairly new feature of the product, the public information available is somewhat limited. Below are the links I have found that can provide you some information. Oracle Identity Manager 10gR3

Understanding OIM’s Generic Technology Connector

Anyone that has implemented any kind of provisioning solution knows that the most difficult part of deploying a solution is creating the connectors –  those components that allow the provisioning system to integrate with the managed target systems. Oracle sells a number of application-specific connectors for OIM that are designed for target systems such as

Ask Dr. K: The IdM Elevator Pitch

The following question was posed recently by a sales consultant: A global customer is implementing a “single forest, single domain” directory (MS AD), supporting among other things SAP and Windows – about 30,000 users. They have asked us to summarise the business case for additional IdM solutions given the single directory approach. Dr. K says:

Ask Dr. K: Directory Synchronization Vs. Provisioning

Inspired by the Daimler-Chrysler series of ads around the enigmatic Dr. Z, I am starting a new series in my blog called “Ask Dr. K” (you’ll find a link to that section on the right under Site Navigation). This is also a play on the fact that some of my colleagues mockingly refer to me