I’m Back Online with the New (and Improved?) Oracle Blogs

We’ll see about the improved part. But the long awaited migration of the blogging platform (check out some details here) to Movable Type has finally gone live (phase 1, that is), and I am back to blogging again.
Being knee-deep in Catalyst last week means that I missed the week-long period where we could check out the new platform, get trained, and fix the production instance before go-live. So my apologies to everyone who will have to bear the brunt of the glitches that are bound to show up while I get used to the new platform. I have spent the last 2 days burning the midnight oil trying to get everything set up correctly on the new platform (this included me going through every post and adding tags to them, plus checking images). My blog sidebar is new and improved, and I have been able to do some real interesting things there, like:

  • Putting together a tag cloud of my top 15 tags, with a link to the complete tag cloud
  • Finally having recent comments show up
  • Adding a Blogroll powered by my subscriptions in Google Reader (so you actually see what I read)

Update to My New RSS Feed URL
If you subscribe to my blog using RSS, the old feed should continue to work. However, you will have to encounter a nasty glitch where all my posts will get marked as fresh new posts, so they will get downloaded again. Sorry about that, but it’s a side effect of the upgrade.
That said, in an effort to improve my feed and get better statistics, I am finally using feedburner to source my feeds. So if you still feel like subscribing to my feed, please update the feed URL to this new one: http://feeds.feedburner.com/TalkingIdentity
(Again, seems like a lot of feed readers don’t provide a way to simply update a feed url. You have to unsubscribe from the old and re-subscribe to the new url, unless you want to keep getting duplicate feeds).
Also, thanks to Feedburner, I can offer email subscription to those that don’t use RSS readers, and simply want to get an email in their inbox any time I post. Just follow this link and provide your email address.
Leave Me Some Comments
Again, since the upgrade just went live today, and I am still working out the system, let me know if you encounter any glitches. I appreciate any and all feedback. Oh, and feel free to be the first to leave me a comment on the new platform. Comments was one of the things that didn’t work very well on the old platform, and it really prevented me from getting a dialogue going. I would much prefer to have a discussion with my readers than do this all one-way.

Back At Work