Webinar – Identity Services and the Cloud

I’m doing a webinar with KuppingerCole on the topic of “Identity Services and the Cloud: What Every Enterprise Needs To Know” today at 11 am EST. Cloud security is widely viewed as the number one roadblock for enterprise adoption. At the same time, many are jumping into cloud computing without fully understanding what they are getting into. Without paying attention to the security and governance implications, any cost savings realized from moving to the cloud will actually evaporate when an enterprise either tries to retrofit their existing business policies and controls into the cloud environment, or when they have to deal with the fallout from a breach or issue. Identity Services is a critical piece in making cloud computing enterprise ready.

The webinar is today, Monday Sep 21st, 11 am EST (yeah, I know, short notice. But hey, if you were following me on Twitter…). You can register for the webinar (it’s free!) here.

And if you miss it, it will be available as a podcast later.