It’s gonna be a jam-packed May for Identity

This is probably an anomaly, but May is shaping up to be a pretty jam-packed month for me in the identity-related conference circuit, with some great events going on where I will be speaking/hoping to speak. My participation is still subject to some approvals coming through, but I’m fairly confident on that front. So there will be some great opportunities to meet up and discuss/debate.

First up is the European Identity Conference in Munich from May 4-7. Kuppinger Cole does a good job putting together an interesting agenda with a broad array of speakers and a lot of local perspective, something those of us from across the pond don’t always get the opportunity to share. I’m lucky enough to be slated for 2 panels, one on Identity GRC as an evolution of User Provisioning, and the other on the need for Identity Standards as the foundation for Cloud Security. The Cloud theme is pervasive, especially since this is co-located with the Cloud 2010 conference.

The middle of the month brings us the 1H edition of Internet Identity Workshop (May 17-19 at the Computer History Museum in MountainView, CA). This is always a great place to exchange ideas and really plug into some of the brainpower that exists in our industry. I’m really hoping I can figure out a way to spend some time there and keep my finger on the pulse of the user-centric identity community.

At the end of the month (May 26-27 in Denver, CO) is Gluecon, a conference organized by our old friend Eric Norlin, that is focused on “the bits and pieces, APIs and meta-data, standards and connectors that will help us to glue together the varying applications of a post-cloud world.” Looking at the agenda, you can see that it is far more technical than your usual industry conference, and it has a great lineup of speakers. I will be speaking on the topic of Federated Provisioning, an often forgotten but critical component of security in your cloud environment. Hurry up and register, because early-bird registration ends this Friday — and you can use code spkr12 for an extra 10% off.

Here’s hoping I can get through May gathering some inspiration and without getting exhausted. Should be very interesting.

(UPDATE: Details added to my Speaking page)

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