What the Cloud can do for Identity

There’s no two ways about it. This year’s Cloud Identity Summit was another incredible edition that brought together great content and really interesting discussions about the state and future of identity. It is definitely going to be fun watching the amazing community we have in identity use this conference as a platform to make a big impact on cloud identity and identity management in general.

I tried to make my contribution with a little talk entitled Ask not what Identity can do for the Cloud, Ask what the Cloud can do for Identity. It was part of the track on Cloud Identity Edge Cases that the incomparable Pamela Dingle was moderating. The goal was to go a little more esoteric and explore a little of the cutting edge and future innovations in cloud identity. I know I barely scratched the surface, and I know that some of the misadventures and hiccups of the night before made the session not quite all I wanted it to be. So it was really gratifying to have so many people come up to me and tell me that they enjoyed my talk. And I did manage to get in some solid digs at Paul Madsen, which is always a good thing. I’ve now adapted that talk for all of you to enjoy, filling in some of the details I couldn’t bring out in the talk.

It was a fun talk to create an deliver, as it really got me thinking about some interesting possibilities at the intersection of cloud and identity. And some of it thankfully resonated with some people in the audience (and even one person nowhere near Colorado) that provided running commentary on Twitter, as captured below.

If you have comments on this talk, leave them in the blog comments or tweet them to me at @NishantK. I fully intend to keep exploring this fascinating topic.