Uncorking the Potential of IDaaS at the Cloud Identity Summit 2013

cloud-identity-summit-2013What happens when you take a bunch of technologists interested in identity, cloud computing, mobile and the evolution of IT and whisk them away to a resort in wine country? Well, we will get a chance to find out next week at the Cloud Identity Summit that is taking place in Napa, CA. Through workshops, lectures, panels, sessions and lots and lots of wine, we will explore the leading edge of identity management. Be sure to follow the hashtag #CISNapa on Twitter (I promise, some of the online discussions can be even better than the discussions in the room).

I love going to CIS, which has quickly become one of the best places to discuss all things identity management. Andre and the folks at Ping Identity know how to put together a great conference that has the right mix of intellectual debate and good-natured fun. Mark and Pam have done an awesome job curating this years agenda, and I’m not just saying that because I will be on stage twice (yep, someone thought it wise to give me two chances to upstage Paul this year).

On Thursday, July 11th at 4pm, I will be giving a talk as part of the ‘IDaaS and Innovative Identity Constructs‘ track (you can read the press release on this track here). My session, ‘IDaaS. The Now Big Thing‘, will take on the challenge of dispelling the misconception that IDaaS solutions are simply cloud-based, less featured, less secure versions of traditional Identity Management products that get deployed on-premise. In fact, I’ll be arguing that IDaaS is actually bigger, better and stronger than IDaaI (Identity-as-an-Install; h/t to Jonathan Sander for being the inspiration for that term). Should make for interesting follow-ups.

Before that though, on Monday, July 8th at 9am, I will be joining forces with Dale and Pam to deliver a workshop called ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Identity‘ (details here). It is designed as an identity primer for practitioners, in which we will delve into the many disciplines of identity and identity management. I will be kicking things off by laying out what we mean by Identity, and how attributes, relationships, identifiers, entitlements and the notion of Context fit into the ever-expanding branches of identity management like lifecycle management, provisioning, verification, compliance and federation. Given the talents of Dale and Pam, this should be a blast in addition to being extremely informative.

scuidorange_250wOf course, be sure to come by the Identropy booth, where you can find out more about SCUID Lifecycle, our flagship IDaaS solution for managing your complete identity lifecycle management and user provisioning needs. Come and find out why Smart Identity Management is the way to go.

And it goes without saying that if you want to discuss or debate anything with me about what I’ll be presenting, or even if you just want to have a friendly chat, CIS is guaranteed to provide us with ample opportunities to do just that. So just grab me if you see me, or ping me on Twitter.

See you in Napa.


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