Talks and Presentations


Being recognized as a thought leader has afforded me the opportunity to speak in many different forums like the Gartner IAM Summit, the Cloud Identity Summit, Oracle OpenWorld, Defrag, various CxO events and more. Details about upcoming talks, as well as links to past talks (usually with accompanying audio) are below.


  1. Collision Course: Ethics vs. Human-Centered Design in the New Perimeter
    • Identiverse 2023 | Wednesday, May 31 2023 @ 12:15-12:45pm PDT | Las Vegas, NV, USA


  1. The Design of Trustworthy Things
  2. Best Practices For Driving Amazing Customer Journeys in a Secure World
    • Temenos SCALE 2021 [On-Demand – 11/17/2021 (Wed)]
    • View Video
  3. Trust Is Not A Bad Word
  4. MindFul Authentication: Mo’ Factors, No Mo’ Problems?
  5. Mission Impossible: Identity Mythos
  6. So You Think You Can Two Factor
    • Identity Week Asia [Singapore – 10/9/2019 (Wed)]
  7. So You Think You Can Two Factor
  8. So You Think You Can Two Factor
  9. Master Class: IAM at the Center of the Security Equation
    • Know Conference [Las Vegas – 3/26/2019 (Wed)]
  10. Hu: The Missing Element
  11. The Missing Element
  12. Achieve Balance between Security, Usability and Privacy with Invisible Identity
    • Japan Identity & Cloud Summit 2017 [Tokyo, Japan – 9/15/2017 (Thu)]
  13. Stranger in a Strange Land
  14. At the Intersection of Security, Innovation and Privacy: Invisible Identity
  15. Invisible Identity, or How to Delight People & Secure Users
  16. IDaaS Needs Another ‘S’ for ‘Security’
  17. Security Challenges in a SaaS-First Era & Why Identity Matters
  18. Putting Security in Identity-as-a-Service
    • CA World [Las Vegas, Nevada – 11/18/2015]
  19. #FAIL No More: The Rise of the Self Defending Enterprise
  20. What If the Future of Security Means Not Knowing It’s There?
  21. #FAIL No More: From Chief Security Officer to Chief Security Bot
    • Defrag Conference [Broomfield, Colorado – 11/18/2014]
  22. Identity Management Is A People Problem (But It Shouldn’t Be!)
  23. Beyond Attributes: How Identity Provides Contextual Intelligence To Our Digital World
  24. IDaaS. The Now Big Thing
  25. The Hitchhikers Guide to Identity: Is Identity the Answer to the Great Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything
  26. The IDaaS Powered World, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love IAM (Again)
  27. Ask not what Identity can do for the Cloud, Ask what the Cloud can do for Identity
  28. Webinar: 2012 Top Security Threats
  29. Webinar: Reducing your IDM Operating Costs Using IDaaS
  30. And Now For Something Completely Different: Identity Provisioning & The Cloud
  31. And Now For Something Completely Different: Identity Provisioning & The Cloud
  32. Panel Discussion on ‘Identity and Access in the Cloud’
  33. When Trust is not Enough
  34. Panel Discussion on ‘Federation: Lessons Learned’
  35. An Entitlement-Centric Approach to Security
  36. Identity Intelligence to Drive Business Objectives
  37. Panel Discussion on ‘Identity and Access Management – Evolution or Revolution?’
  38. Keynote Panel on ‘2011: Information Security Trends for the Next Decade’
    • Oracle Security Online Forum [Virtual Conference – 2/24/2011]
    • View Recording
  39. Oracle and FICAM – Leveraging Smart Cards for Access Control and Information Protection
  40. Oracle Identity Management 11g: A Giant Leap in Identity Management
  41. Building a Strong Foundation for Your Cloud with Identity Management
  42. Beyond SPML: Access Provisioning in a Services World
  43. Federated Provisioning and the Cloud
  44. Panel Discussion on‘The Next Step of User Provisioning: Identity GRC as a Natural Evolution’
  45. Panel Discussion on‘Why Web Security Standards Must Form the Basis for Cloud Security and What the Identity Industry Should do to Make this Happen’
  46. Security Inside Out Summit: Securing the Cloud with Identity Management and Service Oriented Security
  47. Identity Management and the Cloud: Stormy Days Ahead?
  48. Identity Services and the Cloud: What Every Enterprise Should Know
  49. Security Inside Out Summit: Cost-Effective Security and Compliance
  50. Panel Discussion on ‘Identity Services Roundtable: Aligning Vendor Strategies with Customer Needs’
    • Burton Catalyst Europe 2008 [Prague, Czech Republic – 10/23/2008]
  51. Building an Identity Services Layer with Oracle Identity Management
  52. Panel Discussion on ‘Lessons learned from Successful Compliance Deployments’
    • Digital ID World 2008 [Los Angeles – 09/10/2008]
  53. Panel Discussion on ‘Identity: The Ultimate Solution to SOA Security’
    • InfoWorld SOA Executive Forum [New York – 11/8/2007]
  54. Rationalize, Centralize, Externalize: Detailing Identity Management in Oracle Fusion Architecture
  55. Externalizing Identity
  56. Understanding Identity As A Service
  57. Developing an Identity Layer for the Secure Enterprise
    • Collaborate 2007 [Las Vegas – 04/18/2007]
  58. The Oracle Identity Services Container: Identity-Enabled Applications Made Easy
  59. Role Management and Provisioning: Creating Economies of Scale in Identity Management