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Is AD really the dominant Identity Store out there?

James McGovern has challenged my position that applications should not be written to go directly against AD. And he got the backing of Jackson Shaw in this argument. James says: If pretty much every Fortune 500 enterprise has Active Directory, why should any of them consider yet another product? Martin (no last name) left a

To AD or not to AD

Ashraf Motiwala has called me out for saying that the way applications are supporting AD directly as the identity store is by using Virtual Directory, both in a comment on my post, and on his blog. I guess in my enthusiasm to get a response out to Matt’s post, I wasn’t careful enough about my

Getting the Last Word In on Metadirectories

I doubt it. I doubt that there will be a last word on metadirectories for a long time to come. Technology that works has a way of sticking around, even when they have outlived their purpose, and are forced into the substrate of a new and improved “solution”. But I did want to respond to

Ask Dr. K: The IdM Elevator Pitch

The following question was posed recently by a sales consultant: A global customer is implementing a “single forest, single domain” directory (MS AD), supporting among other things SAP and Windows – about 30,000 users. They have asked us to summarise the business case for additional IdM solutions given the single directory approach. Dr. K says: