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Pushing forward on Standards-based Provisioning

Lest all the recent posts about “pull”-based identity make you think that I have completely forgotten about good old “push”-based identity provisioning, here is some news on that. As I have discussed here in the past, SPML has been under a cloud in recent years, with low adoption and a litany of issues being documented.

“Pull” is about Evolution, not Revolution

Ben has responded to my response by vigorously defending his stance against the pull movement. His statement that “…this will take more effort than it will return in value” is correct in identifying what enterprises should focus on – a cost-benefit analysis – but not in his estimation of how to do the valuation. I

“Push vs Pull” in Identity Management

My friend Ben Goodman over at Novell recently wrote a blog post arguing against the “future of identity is pull” movement that seems to be sweeping the nation (well, at least the hallways at the recent Catalyst conference). I’ll give him credit for having the conviction to go against the grain here, since the idea

Beyond SPML: Access Provisioning in a Services World

Another Burton Group Catalyst conference has come to a close, and as always it was a treasure trove of stories, ideas and conversations. Which is why it was great to have the uncertainty around the conference laid to rest when it was announced that it will be back next year (July 26-29 in San Diego,

Time to Catalyse Some Change in Provisioning

It’s Burton Group Catalyst time again, and I will be pushing forward in my quest to advance access provisioning to the next level. I will be giving a talk on “Beyond SPML: Access Provisioning in a Services World” tomorrow (Wednesday, July 28 2010) at 11:20 am, part of the “provisioning needs to change” block (it