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Mission Accomplished? Not Quite…

To all those claiming victory in the nymwars, hold on to your horses and read between the lines. Nothing that has been said indicates any kind of understanding from Google on the debate over use of pseudonyms. Phrases like “the issue is technology, resources and the atmosphere the company wanted to set” sounds suspiciously like

Google+ and The Trouble With Tribbles

In a prior post I talked about the backlash against the “Real Names” policy that Google has instituted for it’s Google+ social network. The resulting nymwars are in full force, and drew me into a very interesting twitter back-and-forth between Kevin Marks, myself and Tim O’Reilly over the weekend, which Kaliya (or IdentityWoman, as she

What’s In A Name? A Lot, Actually

The “Real Names” debate has been fascinating to watch, because it such an intriguing melange of issues – social conventions, technical requirements, best practices, community responsibility – rolled into what would on the surface seem to be a very simple problem. After all, what we’re really talking about is what value to let people put