Change We Need

It’s been a long time since I have been able to post. A lot conspired to make it difficult for me to keep up with my blogging, not the least of which has been a number of interesting, but under wrap, developments within the IdM group at Oracle (if you follow me on Twitter, you

The fun never stops in Identity World

Boy, it was an exhausting September. There was a lot going on between work, Digital ID World, Oracle OpenWorld and the Burton Identity Services Working Group. Unfortunately, this left me little time to write on this blog. But hopefully all of you were able to follow my real-time thoughts on Twitter. If you are interested,

The Frameworks are Coming

I read with great interest Kim Cameron’s most recent post about the Beta release of Zermatt, Microsoft’s new identity application development framework. It is a step towards the kind of programming framework that I have been talking about and working on with my colleagues at Oracle for a while now. So I am just a

The Optimist is feeling a little pessimistic

Seems like the recent Catalyst conference led the Eternal Optimist, Pam Dingle, to question how we are doing as an industry. It is true that a lot of the messaging has shifted from what enterprises need to accomplish based on their unique needs to “check-off the list” buzzwords like GRC (which Bob Blakely called a