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Getting the Last Word In on Metadirectories

I doubt it. I doubt that there will be a last word on metadirectories for a long time to come. Technology that works has a way of sticking around, even when they have outlived their purpose, and are forced into the substrate of a new and improved “solution”. But I did want to respond to

Virtual Directories + Provisioning = No more Metadirectory

There has been an interesting discussion going on regarding the fate of metadirectory technology. Dave Kearns talked about it in his newsletter recently (see: Is the metadirectory dead). In it, he quoted Jackson Shaw, who brought it up as context to HP’s recent retrenchment: “Let’s be honest. The meta-directory is dead. Approaches that look like

Analyzing Microsoft’s approach to provisioning

Gartner’s MQ report on provisioning calls out the different approach that Microsoft has taken to the provisioning space. Termed the “enterprise access management” approach, it essentially advocates the externalized authn and authzn model that requires less pushing of data into target system repositories, and more pulling of data by the target systems from MIIS at