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Doing 2FA Better Could Mean Using Social Factors

In my last post regarding weaknesses in how 2FA is implemented in the systems we rely on to secure us, I teased a thought that had occurred to me in going through the analysis I presented in the post. As usual, life intervened to distract me, but this recent post by Coinbase sharing their experience of

Are Social Networks the biggest threat to User Privacy?

Privacy advocates have long been raising a hue and cry about the negative impact social networking sites are having on privacy. For the most part, the glare has been on the poor security practices and privacy controls of these sites. But now researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have brought to light a

Interesting News from the World of Identity

OpenID Busting OutThe news this week that Google, IBM and Verisign are looking to join the OpenID foundation could prove to be the last piece of the puzzle in the push to make OpenID mainstream. Reaction to the news has been overwhelmingly positive. But I am starting to get bothered by one thing. I recently

Facebook and the Social Graph

Last week I commented on Dan Nye’s apparent lack of understanding about the need for a social graph for the web. This week, I read the following comment by Mark Zuckerberg, founder and chief executive of Facebook, on how he defines the social graph: “When we talk about the social graph we are talking about

The LinkedIn Relationship Silo

Seems like all of a sudden the New York Times is a font of knowledge about identity management topics. In an interview that he gave to Saul Hansell for the BITS blog of the NYT, Dan Nye, the chief executive of LinkedIn, said the following about the emerging idea of a social graph for the

Why Social Websites are really Faux-Social

Wired contributor Scott Gilbertson recently ranted about how social networks are adding to the ubiquitous walled gardens on the web (Slap in the Facebook: It’s Time for Social Networks to Open Up). He talked about something that we are all a little weary of – having to set up the same relationships in each social