OpenIDs problems don’t seem to be going away

I got news today that MySpace is joining the OpenID revolution. This supposedly brings the number of OpenID-enabled accounts to over half a billion. Maybe it looks like good news for OpenID, but isn’t this actually a problem? Isn’t the intent of OpenID to reduce the number of logins we have? Why am I moving from having 50 username-password credentials to 30 OpenIDs instead of 5?

I wanted to go on a rant, but I see that Adam DuVander over at monkey_bites beat me to it with a much more eloquent one than I could have come up with. I found this part especially priceless:

But Yahoo stopped short — they aren’t letting people use their non-Yahoo (Open)IDs to log in to Yahoo. That’s not OpenID support. That’s essentially Passport 2.0.