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Fed-Prov and the Cloud: JIT Provisioning.Next

In my last post, I discussed the basic architectural model of Just-In-Time Provisioning, and some challenges it has in addressing enterprise needs related to cloud computing. In this post, I will propose some possible enhancements to the basic architecture that could address those challenges. Each of these solutions could be viable, though each seems to

A little more on OpenID adoption

In response to my post about the lag in OpenID RP adoption, Mark Workel asked the following questions: 1. What are the strategic advantages of becoming an IdP? 2. As a consumer or RP, how do I know if an IdP is reliable? I don’t think I can authoritatively answer these, but I do have

Johannes talks about the OpenID RP “Problem”

Johannes Ernst has responded to my post on what I view as a problem for OpenID – the proliferation of OpenID Providers without the emergence of Relying Parties that use them. First of all, let me state for the record that I am a big fan of OpenID, and in no way view this problem

OpenIDs problems don’t seem to be going away

I got news today that MySpace is joining the OpenID revolution. This supposedly brings the number of OpenID-enabled accounts to over half a billion. Maybe it looks like good news for OpenID, but isn’t this actually a problem? Isn’t the intent of OpenID to reduce the number of logins we have? Why am I moving

Information Cards gets its own Foundation

One of the big announcements at Catalyst that I twittered about was the formation of the Information Card Foundation (take that, OpenID). The purpose of the non-profit foundation is to promote the use of information cards as a secure way to present personal identity information on the web. The foundation has a power-packed set of

OpenID and Identity Services

In response to my previous blog post about identity services, I received the following question from Billy: “isn’t this what OpenID aims to do? If not, how not?” OpenID can be a small (but key) part of the identity services story. The main problem that OpenID tries to solve is one that most people who

Big News for OpenID

In further evidence that OpenID is about to go mainstream in a big way, the big players in the consumer identity space – Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Verisign (along with IBM) – have joined the OpenID foundation, and are even going to have representatives on the board of directors. Tireless OpenID advocate (and board member)

Looking Forward to 2008

This is the time of year when everyone rolls out their start-of-the-year predictions. You can see a couple of those here and here. I especially loved Anshu Sharma’s take on this popular beginning-of-the-year routine. Predictions are risky business, especially in the slightly schizophrenic world of IdM. On the one hand, things tend to move way

Interesting News from the World of Identity

OpenID Busting OutThe news this week that Google, IBM and Verisign are looking to join the OpenID foundation could prove to be the last piece of the puzzle in the push to make OpenID mainstream. Reaction to the news has been overwhelmingly positive. But I am starting to get bothered by one thing. I recently

Digital ID World recap: Identity Services is Next

It took me a while to recover from last weeks Digital ID World conference. And it wasn’t just because of the mad scramble I went through at the last minute to update all my slides for my talk. That was just the side effect of spending too much time in some really interesting sessions and