Welcome to the new Talking Identity

I know I’ve been quiet for a while. In large part, I lay the blame at the doorstep of the almighty Twitter. It made it too easy for me to get my thoughts out there without having to put too much effort into it 🙂

But it is partly also because I have been working on migrating my blog from Oracle’s blog infrastructure (known to insiders as BOC) to a self-hosted wordpress install. The new home for my blog is https://blog.talkingidentity.com/. The reasons for my move are far too many to go into, but I do hope that the move enables me to get more engaged with my readers.

If you are seeing this post in your blog reader, then you don’t need to do anything. You are subscribed to my feedburner feed (smart), and it will continue to work for you (let me know if it doesn’t). I apologize for the spam this may have caused in resending my last 10 posts into your blog reader. Just go ahead and mark them all as read (I won’t mind), and wait for the next insightful, witty post to come your way. I look forward to using my shiny new toy as I continue talking with you about identity.