Talking Ethics in Identity at Identiverse 2024

Identiverse being the best identity conference around means that it’s always a challenge coming up with a talk proposal, as Andrew Hindle and team raise the bar each year. The process acts as a forcing function for me to think about the topics I want to bring to the community for discussion, topics that I

Ethics vs Human-Centered Design in Identity

It was really nice of Elizabeth Garber to acknowledge me in the whitepaper that she co-authored with Mark Haine titled “Human-Centric Digital Identity: for Government Officials”. I recommend everyone read it, even if you aren’t in government, as it is a very strong and considerate effort to try and tackle a broad, complicated, but important

Thank You for Supporting the IdentityFabio Fundraiser

It is a testament to his enduring spirit that we all continue to find ways to cope with the absence of Vittorio from our identity community and from our lives. On the day that I learnt of the news, I poured out my immediate feelings in words. But as Ian put it so eloquently (like

How can Governments do Digital Identity Right?

I highly recommend that everyone read the “Human-Centric Digital Identity: for Government Officials” whitepaper that Elizabeth Garber and Mark Haine have written, even if you aren’t in government. Published by the OpenID Foundation and co-branded by twelve non-profit organisations, this paper offers a broad view of the global digital identity landscape, key considerations for government officials, and the path ahead to

And Just Like That, He’s Gone

Writing this post is hard, because the emotions are still fresh and very raw. In so many ways, I feel like I was only just beginning to know Vittorio Luigi Bertocci.  Of course, we all feel like we “know” him, because he has always been a larger-than-life character operating at the very forefront of our

Let’s Hope It Works *This* Time

Well, this is a big one for the identity industry. Two stalwarts becoming one. >> Thoma Bravo Completes Acquisition of ForgeRock; Combines ForgeRock into Ping Identity As someone who was there and in the thick of it during the last big merger of identity players, I wish all my (too many to tag) friends at

The Burden We Bear

Dealing with privacy issues isn’t as simple as the tech (and all too often the security) industry thinks. There are some real challenges and ethical conundrums to deal with, and we ignore the reality of the society into which our products are going at our own peril. We are seeing this happen full force right

The Design of Trustworthy Things

With this years Identiverse just over a month away (and the deadline to get the draft of my talk this year swiftly approaching), I was reminded that I never got around to sharing video of the keynote I gave at last years conference. It was very kind and a tremendous vote of confidence in me

Helping Your People to Safely Work From Home With REL-ID WFH

“May you live in interesting times”– someone who clearly had a sardonic streak I’d call the time we’re living in right now more than just interesting. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit every organization like a ton of bricks, and we’re all struggling to adapt. Obviously one of the biggest challenges has been the need for

Hu: The Missing Element

Below you can find a version of the talk that I just gave at the European Identity Conference and at Identiverse talking about what I consider to be the missing element in Identity Management. Seems the curse that the A/V gods put on me at last years Cloud Identity Summit survived the conference rebranding, as