Identity Intelligence to Drive Business Objectives

As I pointed out in my answer to Ema’s question about the recent Gartner IAM Summit in London, the overwhelming theme of the conference was Identity & Access Intelligence. The main driver for this shift in focus being discussed at the conference was around the core idea of driving down costs in identity management projects, and making them more manageable. But as I tried to explain in my talk, the rise of identity intelligence is about a lot more. Today’s CISO’s face pressure to demonstrate the link between their identity management programs and business objectives, crucial in measuring how well IT supports the business and manages risk. This means making sense of technical identity data and transforming it into insightful, business-friendly information that is actionable.

In this adaptation of the talk I gave at the Gartner Summit, I lay out how identity management, data mining, business processing and analytics come together as Identity Intelligence to address enterprise needs for greater transparency, compliance, risk management and business decision support. Check out the slidecast, which clocks in at a comfortable 20 minutes or so, and learn how we are bridging the divide between IT and the Business, and making security smarter.