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Identity Intelligence to Drive Business Objectives

As I pointed out in my answer to Ema’s question about the recent Gartner IAM Summit in London, the overwhelming theme of the conference was Identity & Access Intelligence. The main driver for this shift in focus being discussed at the conference was around the core idea of driving down costs in identity management projects,

A Brief Q&A on Identity

The intrepid Emanuela Giannetta (Marketing Manager for Oracle InfoSec in EMEA, and the voice behind @OracleSecurity) just did a brief Q&A session with me about my recent experience at Gartner IAM Summit in London and Oracle’s entitlement-centric approach to identity management. I had promised to give her some time during my London trip, but the

Gartner sums up the CIO debate on identity

It feels good to come to any conference and hear people talk about concepts and trends that validate the direction we are taking. And the Gartner IAM Summit certainly did that. Steps that we are making in the areas of role management, identity services and the move towards tighter integration of identity into the fabric

The Gartner Summit was a Good Primer on IAM

I usually don’t expect too many replies to postcards (real world or blog) that I write, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the discussion my post about the Gartner summit generated. The lively discussions regarding the part roles play in compliance were definitely expected. What I was not expecting were the few emails I

Postcard from the Gartner IAM Summit

2 weeks ago I attended Gartner’s first IAM summit. Entering an arena long dominated by Burton and RSA, they nonetheless seemed to have a respectable turnout, even if it was mostly people like me curious to find out what their treatment of the space was going to be. The fact that it was in Vegas