And Now For Something Completely Different

At the Cloud Identity Summit last week, one thing was patently obvious – the agenda was filled with super interesting talks from very talented speakers. So given that I was talking about the riveting (not!) topic of user provisioning, I knew I had to pique peoples curiosity to draw them in. To that end, I enlisted the help (so to speak) of those most curious of entertainers, the incomparable Monty Python, in a talk entitled “And Now For Something Completely Different – Identity Provisioning and the Cloud“. You can check out the slides and recording below.

The central idea of the presentation was that the cloud has caused the seemingly well-understood, albeit reviled, discipline of user provisioning to splinter (SPLITTER!) into 3 different factions – the Traditionalists, the Progressives and the New Age Thinkers. You’ll have to listen to my talk to understand it in more detail, but the reviews of my talk on Twitter seemed to be “certified fresh“. While Ian Glazer pondered:

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 1.20.22 AM

I did have Paul Madsen raving:

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 1.21.57 AM

All in all, I think I accomplished my goal of edutaining the folks at CIS on the continued existence of user provisioning, and its future prospects. Because the account CRUD problem will continue to be a weight around the neck of enterprise cloud adoption unless we put in place the right solutions.