From The End Spring New Beginnings

As I posted on Friday, I decided it was time to close the chapter on my career at Thoracle (by the way, the positive wishes in response from all of you has been quite gratifying). But it wasn’t without knowing what the next chapter was going to bring. It’s going to be a busy July in Identity, as I talked about earlier, and I wasn’t about to show up at Cloud Identity Summit and then Catalyst as a free agent (though it would have been interesting to see what would have happened).

I’m not a Lebron James, so I can’t really drag this out for an unnecessary 5 paragraphs (though I do feel like I am joining an All-Star team). So here it is. Starting today, I am going to take my talents (be what they may) to Moonachie NJ and join Identropy.

identropy_logoFor a while now I’ve been wanting to get back into startup mode, to really tackle the identity management problem the way I want to. These are interesting times we are living in, as they say, and there is a real opportunity to turn this space on its head. And I’m going to get that chance now, as Chief Architect in a company that has all the necessary elements in place – a crackerjack team, innovative thinking and an unwavering focus on the needs of the customer. They’ve already had one incredible and unique solution – SCUID Operations – come out of that approach, and I’m excited to see what I can bring to the party.

Like I said in my farewell post, the number one thing for me is the team, and Identropy is an incredibly talented and passionate group of individuals working towards one vision. I’ve worked with some of these guys in the past (and didn’t hold it against them when making the decision to join), and have interacted with others over the years in this little community of ours. I’ve always had a deep respect for their expertise and commitment, and love that they’re the kind of people you want to go out and have a beer with at the end of a hard day. The relationships they have built with their customers are enviable by all standards. And they have an open, collaborative culture that should be fun to work in.

My first contribution to Identropy - A Gapingvoid print that captures why I joined
My first contribution to Identropy – A Gapingvoid print that captures why I joined

I am really looking forward to what we can accomplish together. It should be one hell of a ride. Of course, all my other nonsense – Twitter, this blog, the conference circuit rounds – will continue as before without interruption. I’ve only just scratched the surface of what I’ll be working on, and will definitely be sharing more in the coming weeks. But if you want an in-person take, grab me in Keystone or in San Diego. Be warned though – you may have to be the one buying the round (I am back in startup mode, after all). See you there.