Exploring The Edge Of Identity At The Cloud Identity Summit

It’s Cloud Identity Summit week, and it should be a blast. For one, it’s in beautiful Vail, CO – a place I’ve never been to. Secondly, you never know what will happen when you put all the identity oddballs in the same place, with no place to escape to. But mostly, there should be lots of great sessions and conversations taking place that explore the role of identity as the new perimeter and examine ways that cloud computing and identity management are transforming business and IT.

And Identropy will be right there at CIS exploring just how far identity has come and where it can still go.

On Wednesday, July 18 at 11am, I’ll be giving a talk entitled “Ask not what Identity can do for the Cloud, but what Cloud can do for Identity“. In this session, I’ll explore some of the new and innovative capabilities that enterprises and individuals will benefit from thanks to cloud-powered identity and identity management. Because of cloud computing, the world is getting more interconnected, instrumented and intelligent, and this will enable identity to create and deliver value in fundamentally new ways.

Later at 4pm, I’ll join a panel of experts to discuss “Issues and Opportunities for IDaaS“.

And be sure to drop by the Identropy demo station in the solution showcase to see our innovative SCUID solutions for identity management.

See you all in Vail.

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