Introducing the “Talking Identity” Channel

So, this wasn’t planned. But Slideshare, where I have been posting all of my talks, announced that they are discontinuing their excellent Slidecast feature. I’ve relied on that feature almost exclusively over the last few years for posting my slides along with their accompanying audio. Most of my presentations are highly visual, featuring imagery, humor and diagrams that make almost no sense without the accompanying audio to provide context.

vader_nooooSo after I got off the initial disappointment and vented about it, I needed to find an alternative, especially since without the audio you wouldn’t get to enjoy my witty ribbing of the other Identerati. I’ve spent some time converting the slidecasts to video files (using the “low-tech” option of just playing them full screen and recording it with Camtasia), and have now created a channel on Vimeo where I have posted these and plan on posting my future talks. Given the different nature of that channel, I can see myself exploring other things to post there as well that didn’t make sense on my Slideshare page. And while I won’t be removing my old decks from Slideshare (all of which are linked to from my ‘Talks and Presentations‘ page, I won’t be posting anything new there (and I’m well overdue on posting my Defrag talk, which I was in the slow process of prepping for when this news came along).

So there you have it. I now have a new channel on the web, not that anyone necessarily wants even more of me out there. Since the “Record Desktop” option is always fraught with peril, I’ll rely on the eyes and ears of you all to let me know if any undesirable popups or audio invaded the recordings. And I look forward to continuing the discussion there. If you were following me on Slideshare, please consider following me on Vimeo instead. Or you can just follow me through this blog or, best of all, on Twitter to keep up with everything Talking Identity.