Invisible Identity, or How to Delight People & Secure Users

So I waited patiently for the folks at the Cloud Identity Summit to publish on their Youtube channel the talk I gave earlier this year on Invisible Identity. But it never came. Turns out that a few session recordings got messed up, and unfortunately mine was among them. I sense Paul Madsen’s hand in this.

I did publish a few blog posts detailing some of the main concepts from my talk regarding ‘The 4 Core Principles of Invisible Identity‘ and ‘Privacy in the World of Invisible Identity‘. But I really wanted to share the full talk I gave because I do believe that this is an important concept for us to grok as an industry. We’ve reached an interesting crossroads in identity management, as it transitions from being a niche area of interest to a major pillar in corporate IT. Balancing competing but complementary concerns of security, innovation and privacy requires a rethink of how we’ve traditionally used identity in IT, and my talk is about that rethink. So, as an early holiday present, I recorded my talk for everyone and published it to my vimeo channel. Check it out, and as usual, please share your thoughts and reactions with me.