Hu: The Missing Element

Below you can find a version of the talk that I just gave at the European Identity Conference and at Identiverse talking about what I consider to be the missing element in Identity Management. Seems the curse that the A/V gods put on me at last years Cloud Identity Summit survived the conference rebranding, as there were a few issues in the room when I gave the talk. So I decided not to wait and find out if there is a decent recording of the session, and instead created my own version to publish to my vimeo channel.

We need to get away from blaming the end-user for security failures, and identity management is supposed to help with that. I wanted to build on my previous talks and explore why it is that despite the increasingly central role identity has in the security fabric of business, the situation hasn’t gotten better. As usual, I discovered things in the course of preparing the talk that I hadn’t quite thought of when I created the abstract. I also didn’t anticipate issuing a call-to-action for our community of identity geeks. Hopefully the talk makes you think and gives you some ideas. I’d love to hear your thoughts, especially if you disagree with my analysis. So, as usual, leave them in the comments or send them my way on twitter.