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The Hitchhikers Guide to Identity

Sounded simple enough. Join forces with Pam and Dale to put on a 3 hour workshop at the Cloud Identity Summit exploring all things identity management, each of us having a whole hour in which to dazzle the crowd. And with an awesome theme like the Hitchhikers Guide to help us keep it entertaining. This was bound to

The Identity Glue for the Cloud Gets A Heavyweight

Something big happened in identity today, but it may not have registered on the seismic scale because of the company involved. VMWare announced the launch of the Horizon App Manager, an identity and access control platform for enterprises that want to securely adopt SaaS applications. An outgrowth of the TriCipher purchase last year, Horizon App

Join Us (Me) at the Oracle Security Online Forum (Feb 24)

On Thursday, February 24, Oracle will be holding an online mini conference focusing on security – the Oracle Security Online Forum. This live joint event with Accenture will last from 12:00-4:00pm ET, and will feature a great line-up of speakers and sessions focusing on security trends, best practices, and proven solutions for your business. It’s

Does ‘User-Centric’ also mean ‘User-Burdened’?

Dave Kearns recently took on the topic of how user-centric and enterprise-centric identity could possibly co-exist in his articles for the Network World Identity Management Newsletter. In his first post, he discussed what the difference between the two is – the need in the Enterprise scenario to have all identity-related transactions tied together from an

“Identity” is far from an understood concept

As usual, it has taken a while for me to resurface from my latest conference stint. Not because I overextended myself while in Vegas for Collaborate. That only warrants a few days. No, the real reason is that being offline from work for just a few days means loads of catching up to do. And

Before we can have user-centric identity in the enterprise…

…we need to understand what user-centric identity is. That is the current state of discussion in the identity community. Many people are debating what user-centric identity is. Is it an architecture, is it a design philosophy, or is it a set of business agreements governing user interactions in certain systems? During the course of the

Where does User-Centric Identity fit into the Enterprise?

One area that I have been paying a lot of attention to recently is the scaldingly hot area of user-centric identity. No other area in identity management is generating as much interest in the community. While this is extremely gratifying (because the ultimate goal is to make our lives better and more secure, and who