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Time to Catalyse Some Change in Provisioning

It’s Burton Group Catalyst time again, and I will be pushing forward in my quest to advance access provisioning to the next level. I will be giving a talk on “Beyond SPML: Access Provisioning in a Services World” tomorrow (Wednesday, July 28 2010) at 11:20 am, part of the “provisioning needs to change” block (it

The Challenge of Security Questions

Jackson Shaw just wrote about a website called goodsecurityquestions.com. As the name indicates, it’s a site that purports to distinguish between good and bad questions to employ when setting up for your identity re-verification challenges (for when you forget your password or need to execute a high-value transaction, for instance). The same site also (correctly)

Announcing Oracle Identity Management 11g

Well, the press release went out a few hours ago, and the launch webcast just finished minutes ago, announcing the arrival of Oracle Identity Management 11g, the next phase in our rollout of the most complete, integrated and open suite of identity management products. As Amit Jasuja shared in the webcast, there is over 750

It’s All in the Cooking – 11g Drops Today

Last week I was at Oracle HQ for our annual Identity Management Customer Advisory Board meeting. It was an absolutely jam-packed two and a half days. I cannot tell you how great it was to spend time with our customers, those that have been with us for a while, and those that just joined the

Learn About Oracle Identity Management 11g

This is going to be a huge month for the Identity Management team at Oracle. And no, I am not talking about my upcoming talk at Burton’s Catalyst conference. Actually, the reason for all the excitement is that we are about to roll out the next set of components in the Oracle Identity Management 11g

Şekerbank secures online banking with award-winning OAAM implementation

?ekerbank T.A.?. is the leading Turkish bank for small and midsize enterprises, and its internet banking services are among the three highest-rated online banking Web sites in Turkey. They have earned a reputation for having the most user-friendly and secure online banking Web sites in the country. Last week at the European Identity Conference, they

Expanding on the Oracle-Sun IdM Strategy

With the Sun acquisition complete, we can finally start talking about what this means for various product lines. Thomas Kurian touched on the identity management strategy in the big Wednesday launch event, and I recapped what he said in my previous blog post. Now, the next level of detail has come from Hasan Rizvi, SVP

Today is the day: Oracle + Sun = Exciting Days Ahead

Well, it’s finally here. After months and months of delay, Oracle announced it finalized its acquisition of Sun. It took so long, I think of lot of people thought this day was just a mirage. And unfortunately, the delay has cost us (in the identity management team) the opportunity to work with some great folks

Talking Identity Services at OpenWorld

I was hoping to find some time to dig a little deeper into some of the themes, conversations and ideas that were floating around the halls at DIDW last week. Unfortunately, time was not a luxury I had this week. I am writing this aboard a flight to San Francisco, as I head there to

Whoa! Talk about trying to spread FUD

A colleague of mine forwarded me this Sun blog post by Paul Walker commenting on the rise of Oracle IAM to leadership status. I read it with some amusement, as I remembered my days at Thor when I, a hard-working serf in a startup, would rail (in private, as I didn’t have a blog back