Getting caught up on things…

I’m back after a short (much needed) hiatus, and so there are a few things I wanted to catch everyone up on.

In my last post, I told you of a webinar that I was going to participate in on the topic of application-centric IdM. Well, it happened, and was a pretty well received webinar. It was in the form of a panel discussion, and we got so engrossed in it that we went a little over time. So we didn’t get the chance to answer as many questions as we would have liked. If you weren’t able to attend the webinar, then check it out now by accessing the replay of the webinar: Leveraging Identity Management for Applications. And please send your questions my way. I will make sure to direct them to the right individuals.

Also, Oracle recently put together an interesting podcast series entitled “Focus on Identity Management“. In it, some of the smartest people at Oracle working on IdM talked about some fairly interesting topics, like fine-grained authorization, attestation, virtual directories and standards. And of course, yours truly made his podcasting debut with a little piece on (you guessed it) application-centric IdM. The whole experience was quite interesting. Check out the series by going to and accessing the podcasts that are under the “Video and Podcasts” section on the right.

On a different note, it turns out that I will have to rename my blog, as Stephen Brands over at Credentica has a blog with the same name. And (unfortunately for me), he has had it for a much longer time. In an interesting coincidence, it turns out that Speakers Corner in Hyde Park was the inspiration for both of us to name our blogs the same. As it stands, I am officially searching for a new name. If you have any ideas, send them my way.