Conversations were center at DIDW

My Digital ID World was all about conversations. Much more useful to me than the sessions was the opportunity to brainstorm with some very smart, very committed (some insanely so) people in the identity community. The sessions were good, and some managed to inspire some original thought. But the hallway conversations (so to speak) were really what made this conference work for me.

blindmen_and_elephant I felt a little bit like the blind men examining the elephant, except that I could see a little bit. So while everything being talked about looked and felt like different things addressing unique problems, I could also see a little of how they interconnect and relate as part of a larger, more cohesive whole. This was especially true of the sessions on the Identity Assurance Framework, Identity Protocols, Identity Services and VRM, and my conversations with Kim Cameron, Doc Searls and Bob Blakely, among others.

The remainder of my week is being spent at Oracle HQ, so I will be pretty busy in meetings. I will therefore post more detailed thoughts on specific topics that came up in the sessions at a later time. In the meantime, you can check out the real-time stream of consciousness thoughts I had at DIDW by clicking this link to read my Twitter posts from the conference.