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Dissecting all the buzz about Identity Assurance

One of the big buzzwords this past month or so has been “Identity Assurance“. Liberty Alliance made a big push for the Identity Assurance Framework (IAF)at DIDW last month, conducting a number of sessions/workshops introducing it to the masses. Our old friend Frank Villavicencio, who is a co-chair of the IAEG, was a star at

The fun never stops in Identity World

Boy, it was an exhausting September. There was a lot going on between work, Digital ID World, Oracle OpenWorld and the Burton Identity Services Working Group. Unfortunately, this left me little time to write on this blog. But hopefully all of you were able to follow my real-time thoughts on Twitter. If you are interested,

Conversations were center at DIDW

My Digital ID World was all about conversations. Much more useful to me than the sessions was the opportunity to brainstorm with some very smart, very committed (some insanely so) people in the identity community. The sessions were good, and some managed to inspire some original thought. But the hallway conversations (so to speak) were

My DIDW just got a lot more interesting

This week I was invited to join Brenda Hughes from Cisco on next weeks DIDW panel discussing “Lessons learned from Successful Compliance Deployments“. My hope is to share some of the insight I obtained from watching (at uncomfortably close quarters, from a vendor perspective) a number of our customers go through the process of deploying

It’s that DIDW time of the year

The annual Digital ID World conference is coming up (September 8 – 10) in Anaheim. DIDW is usually a blast, as a number of folks from the identity arena show up at the conference to connect, exchange ideas and move the business of identity forward. And this is the first conference I’ll be attending in

Digital ID World recap: Identity Services is Next

It took me a while to recover from last weeks Digital ID World conference. And it wasn’t just because of the mad scramble I went through at the last minute to update all my slides for my talk. That was just the side effect of spending too much time in some really interesting sessions and

Digital ID World kicks off with the cry: Free Identity!

You know you are at a good conference any time your keynote address throws up a picture of Neo (from The Matrix) on the screen. That’s exactly what Doc Searls did during a typically humorous and thought-provoking keynote roughly titled “The Decentralization of Identity” (actually re-titled in real time based on Phil Becker’s opening keynote)

Phil Becker identifies the top 5 Identity Fallacies

Phil Becker has written an interesting series of articles about the top 5 fallacies which appear and reappear in identity discussions, technologies and deployments. It makes for pretty interesting reading, so check it out at the Digital ID World Blogs. I wanted to comment on fallacy #3: Centralized Management Means Centralized Data. In his article,