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Defining “Identity as a Service”

What exactly do we mean when we say Identity as a Service? Recent discussions have made me realize that not everyone has the exact same definition of this term, and it can cause a great deal of confusion when discussing the subject. Identity as a Service refers to the notion of making identity management capabilities

“Identity” is far from an understood concept

As usual, it has taken a while for me to resurface from my latest conference stint. Not because I overextended myself while in Vegas for Collaborate. That only warrants a few days. No, the real reason is that being offline from work for just a few days means loads of catching up to do. And

See you at Collaborate 07

Next week I’ll be heading to the conference capital of the country – Las Vegas – to attend the Collaborate 07 conference. Collaborate is a unique conference that brings together 3 different user groups in the Oracle community – IOUG, OAUG and QUEST – that covers all the product lines in the Oracle family (find

Moving Towards the ISF: Announcing the Identity Governance Framework

This week, Oracle took a long awaited first step towards the realization of the Identity Services Framework that I have been talking about. At the Gartner IAM Summit this week, Oracle announced an open initiative, the Identity Governance Framework (IGF), to address governance of identity related information across enterprise IT systems. The IGF will enable

Postcards from OpenWorld – II

Thursday, I had a session on Application-Centric Identity Management, describing how it will change the way applications are built. Despite the early hour of the session, a few brave souls did show up, which was quite gratifying. While the session flew by, I did have some interesting conversations with a few of the attendees. In

Getting caught up on things…

I’m back after a short (much needed) hiatus, and so there are a few things I wanted to catch everyone up on. In my last post, I told you of a webinar that I was going to participate in on the topic of application-centric IdM. Well, it happened, and was a pretty well received webinar.

Demystifying Application-Centric IdM

I recently had a rather interesting hallway conversation about the new approach to IdM that we are advocating. This was with a senior J2EE architect I work with whose opinion I greatly value. Paraphrasing the question that started the discussion, what he asked was this: Why do I, as an application architect, care about this?

Defining Application-Centric IdM

One of the most common questions I encountered at the Catalyst conference this year was “what is application-centric IdM”. The second most common question (did not lose by a lot) was “how does this compete with user-centric identity”. It has taken a while, but I wanted to make an attempt at answering those questions in