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Future in the Clouds? How About Some ESSO-To-Go?

There is little doubt any more that the cloud revolution is in full swing. Enterprises today are adopting cloud-based and hosted solutions for everything from CRM (even industry-specific solutions like this car dealer CRM) to personal productivity applications to business intelligence. Enterprises want the user experience of accessing SaaS applications to be secure, but transparent.

Multi-Factor Authentication going Mainstream

Some recent moves by major players could have a significant impact on the perception of multi-factor authentication technologies. Google recently introduced two-factor authentication for Google Apps. The mechanism they chose to employ relies on a one-time password token delivered to a cell phone either by an SMS text message or a call to the phone

OAS4OS Ships Today. Unix Admins Rejoice!

Intrigued? The guys over in our Directory Services group (part of Oracle Identity Management) have just come out with a new offering which has a doozy of an acronym, even by Oracle standards. OAS4OS stands for Oracle Authentication Services for Operating Systems, software that greatly simplifies the authentication and account management process of Unix and

Interesting eWeek article on Identity Proofing

You can read here an interesting interview eWeek ran of Burton Group analyst Mark Diodati on the topic of Identity Proofing – that crucial but often tricky process that verifies that someone is indeed who they are claiming to be. This is somewhat different from authentication, which is the process of someone identifying themselves to

More on the Bharosa Acquisition

There has been quite a bit of interest in the announcement Oracle made last week regarding the acquisition of Bharosa (some interesting posts can be found here, here and here). Here is an overview of what the acquisition adds to the Access Management capabilities of our IAM suite. Contextual & Software-based Strong Authentication & AuthorizationOracle

Oracle moves into Risk-based Access Management by acquiring Bharosa

So the big identity management news coming out of Redwood Shores today (where I happen to be this week) is the acquisition announcement of Bharosa by Oracle. Bharosa is a global provider of proactive, real-time fraud detection and multifactor online authentication security solutions for the enterprise. (Read the press release here). By agreeing to acquire

How Facebook is changing the world of identity

Okay, so the days of questioning the impact of social networking websites on our digital lives is long gone. But the nature of the impact is still being understood, and this is producing some interesting findings. While the world of sociology is trying to make sense of the seeming divide between Facebook and MySpace users

Project Concordia Has Its Work Cut Out For It

I attended the Project Concordia workshop yesterday, ahead of the Catalyst conference. I mentioned the project in a blog post last week; it has the worthy goal of trying to initiate efforts that make sense of the competing standards and methodologies that exist in the identity world. I found myself enjoying the kind of lively