My DIDW just got a lot more interesting

This week I was invited to join Brenda Hughes from Cisco on next weeks DIDW panel discussing “Lessons learned from Successful Compliance Deployments“. My hope is to share some of the insight I obtained from watching (at uncomfortably close quarters, from a vendor perspective) a number of our customers go through the process of deploying identity management to solve some of their main compliance issues. Obviously, compliance has been the big story in IdM the last few years, and most companies still have a long way to go. But the nature of the discussion seems to be changing a bit, as compliance itself is de-mystified. Come by for what is sure to be an interesting conversation.

Also, I will be connecting with a number of folks who are coming out to DIDW, both one-on-one and in some interesting group settings. Matt Flynn has organized a blogger meet, which I look forward to, since my attempt at a Tweetup sort of fell flat. Should be interesting. Again, grab me if you see me at the opening reception or at the demogrounds, or while I am rushing from one session to another, if you want to chat.

Continuing something I started as an experiment at Burton Catalyst, I will be twittering extensively during the conference, sharing what I am hearing, my thoughts and the experiences of DIDW (provided I can snag a power outlet and/or AT&T 3G can avoid going down again). Be sure to follow me at if you are interested in my perspective on the proceedings.