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Postcards from OpenWorld – I

The last few days, I have been experiencing the spectacle that is OpenWorld. And what a spectacle it is. Howard street is blocked off, covered by a huge tent. Everything, even buses, are painted Oracle colors, and every signal change at the intersection lets loose a sea of people rushing around trying to get to

Defining Role Management – Part 3

I received a very interesting observation from Mark MacAuley (http://identitystuff.blogspot.com) in response to my last post about role management. Another thought here – how does an organization engineer out laziness? In a former position I was doing implementations of (unnamed) product and inevitably when the topic of roles came up I saw just about everything

Defining Role Management – Part 2

In part 1 of this multi-post blog, I laid out what I believe are the various disciplines that make up a complete role management solution. In this post, I will tackle the more contentious discipline – that of role definition. Fundamentally, two camps have evolved around different approaches to the problem of defining roles. There

Defining Role Management – Part 1

The topic of role management is always an interesting one to debate. Everyone’s take seems to be slightly different; so much so that if you listen to enough people, you end up trying to rationalize a rather broad spectrum. I recently spent some time having a rather animated discussion on the topic with someone who