IDC, Silicon Image Demonstrate How SMBs Can Meet Compliance Demands with Oracle Identity Management

People always ask if OIM can be deployed in an SMB environment. Given that most of our initial customers were large enterprises that were putting complex deployments in place, it was very hard to provide good references for this question. No longer. IDC just released a report profiling the IdM implementation Silicon Image has done using OIM. Silicon Image Inc. is a 400+ employee company that is a leader in architecture and semiconductor implementations for the secure storage, distribution, and presentation of high-definition content in the consumer electronics and personal computing/display markets. The focus of their IAM project was meeting compliance regulations and increasing security in their environment.
You can access the report here.

The Director of Technology Services for Silicon Image, Kenny Gilbert, joined Ed King, Director of Product Management for IdM at Oracle, at a session about their deployment during OpenWorld last year. It was one of the best IdM sessions we had, a frank and open discussion about the challenges that SMBs face in the IAM arena. Kenny’s discussion resonated with the brave souls that turned out for the 8am session, as it had a lot of them nodding their heads in agreement with his frank description of the issues they were having without an IdM infrastructure. The ungodly hour of the session may have kept many from attending the session, but this report can now fill them in.