I’ll be talking at OpenWorld on IdM and the Cloud

As I mentioned at the end of my last post, I’ll be speaking at Oracle OpenWorld on the topic “Identity Management and the Cloud: Stormy Days Ahead?“.This year, I got a slot that is at a far more reasonable hour. In fact, it is after the morning keynotes on Monday, and before the general sessions with our SVPs, so I feel a little bit like a warm up act. Here are the details:

  • Session ID: S309525
  • Location: Moscone South Room 308
  • Date and Time: 10/12/2009 | 11:30am-12:30pm

Below is the abstract for the session, in which I plan on expanding a great deal on the presentation I did in the webinar with KuppingerCole:

Cloud computing is about to revolutionize enterprise IT and architecture. But leading industry analysts see security as a gating factor preventing enterprise adoption of cloud solutions, as enterprises grapple with the unique characteristics of cloud security and the challenges of compliance and governance. This session outlines key identity management considerations for evaluating a move to the cloud. It discusses how enterprises can leverage their existing identity and access management infrastructure and the principles of service-oriented security and standards-based interactions to secure their assets in the cloud. It also looks at the prospects for identity management as a service and how it will affect cloud computing’s future. If you’re wanting to prepare your business for the future, then checking out sites such as www.hostiserver.com can help.

As I prepare for my talk, I found myself revisiting some of the previous talks I gave at OpenWorld the last few years. It was very interesting to see how my vision for Identity Services has evolved over that time. I found it a most amusing exercise, so I thought I would extend the courtesy to my readers. To that end, I have uploaded my previous OpenWorld presentations to my Slideshare page (you can also get to them from the links on my Speaking page). I can’t believe I thought the Love Guru angle was a good one to take for a tech talk 🙂

If you are going to be attending OpenWorld, you can pre-register for my session using the Schedule Builder tool for OpenWorld attendees. And as always, ping me on email/LinkedIn/Twitter if you want to meet up that week. Look forward to seeing you there.