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Rogue Accounts – Now Legally Challenging As Well

The impact that judicial courts are having on the world of tech has been in the news recently, whether it be an Italian judge ruling that content sites are liable for user uploaded content, or the class action lawsuit that Google Buzz faces over privacy issues. But another legal opinion was brought to my attention

My DIDW just got a lot more interesting

This week I was invited to join Brenda Hughes from Cisco on next weeks DIDW panel discussing “Lessons learned from Successful Compliance Deployments“. My hope is to share some of the insight I obtained from watching (at uncomfortably close quarters, from a vendor perspective) a number of our customers go through the process of deploying

Will Role Management become the focus of Compliance?

A few months ago, I wrote a post in which I took issue with the statement that “Role Management will become the focus of Compliance”. My objection kicked off a flurry of responses from various folks, expressing opinions that covered the gamut. I received a lot of responses disagreeing with me, with quite a few